Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a Free world, yeah...

All those carriers outside US waiting to lock down iPhone users (a la AT&T in US) to their own network when Apple decides to launch it in their territory, might as well recognize that it would be a big mistake. First it just took a 17 year old to unlock the iPhone, followed by iphoneSimFree that sold its unlock software licence in bulk to resellers.

Now it turns out that the folks at iPhoneSimFree may have just set a land speed record for product launch to obsolescence. It has been reported that a software unlock has been released for FREE download for all.

It started with a rebate of $100 on iPhone. Now the hack is set free too. Apple, clearly a winner here, will certainly sell more iPhones with the unlock freely available. And everyone who waited to buy the unlock (and the iPhone) will save anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on when they bought their iPhone and at what price they bought the unlock.

There’s this lesson – Don’t hurry to buy a gadget; never try to lock it down either… It’s a Free world, yeah…

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