Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vendor swindle

Another case of IT vendors ripping off unsuspecting clients like Federal Governments with high cost, low quality software.
The Australian government spent almost $85 million on a filter to block children's access to porn on the Net. Tom Wood, a 16-year-old from Melbourne, cracked it in 30 minutes, all the while heaping nationalist scorn on the imported product. The government responded by adding an Australian designed filter. Boom... Tom cracked that one in 40 minutes flat.

The filters are designed to stop access to sites on a national blacklist, bar use of chat rooms, and can be tailored by parents to stop access to sites. Tom’s technique ensures the software's toolbar icon is not deleted, leaving parents under the impression the filter is still working. Given its $85 million tab, how did the product pass muster? What kind of quality systems do these vendors have?
Ah...that gives me a new business idea. I'd name the on-demand service - a Rip & Tear alert...!



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