Monday, July 07, 2008

Not perfect by practice - you grew

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck as reported in NYT - “People who believe in the power of talent tend not to fulfill their potential because they’re so concerned with looking smart and not making mistakes. But people who believe that talent can be developed are the ones who really push, stretch, confront their own mistakes and learn from them.”

Those who believe they were born with all the smarts and gifts they’re ever going to have approach life with what she calls a “fixed mind-set.” Those who believe that their own abilities can expand over time, however, live with a “growth mind-set.”

I’ve always been a firm believer in growth theory. To be born as a super smart is not in our hands anyway. The first whiff is when we get a handle on our intellectual well being. In learning how to cope with our strengths and weaknesses, we initiate our connection with our life goals. As we apply our limited talents more and more they develop an exponential that is insipidly termed as `practice’ – in fact it is our internal faculty expansion that puts us firmly on the road to success.



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