Monday, May 26, 2008

Responsible tourism is ok - how about responsibility to tourists?

I am all for responsible tourism anywhere. Tourists are people that enjoy a place, its people, culture and tradition. They have to act responsibly and make sure that such attractions are preserved for posterity – for them to come again and for others to share the joy and beauty. So I support all public initiatives that condemn reckless destruction of the environment by callous visitors that leave waste food, plastic bags and other used stuff.

But what embarrasses me more is when a tourist is treated badly by the host country. The primary responsibility is for offering sufficient protection to tourists that are alien to the language, tradition and culture. They should enjoy their stay and go back as ambassadors to the host. But I feel horrible as I read more and more news of molestation, rape and murder of foreign tourists that betrays a gradual cultural decadence among people.

You need tourists to land before you can expect them to be responsible.

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