Monday, November 26, 2007

Detroit would love this

You know what’s the problem if you grow big? You can’t talk straight.

Under threat from Google’s ever growing storage infrastructure, Microsoft looks as far as Siberia to set up its data centers. The pretext according to Birger Steen, head of Microsoft's Russian and CIS business unit, is that the site was attractive because of it stable power supply, but the promise of keeping 10,000 servers cool by opening a few windows also factored into the choice. Recently Microsoft placed a great accent on climate profile while choosing Chicago for its mega center.

“If local communities are hoping these giant centers will create a lot of new jobs, they'll probably be disappointed” says Nick Carr. He puts the hires between 35 to 50.

Now that’s something Detroit would love to ape…. Who knows? GM, Ford and Chrysler might even consider change in business models :)

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