Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ironic indeed

Between a rock and a hard place or devil and the deep sea...?

Ever since U.S. Marines first started deploying to Fallujah (Iraq) back in early 2004, military families in and around California's Camp Pendleton have fretted over their loved ones serving in Iraq's deadly City of Mosques. Over the last four years, hundreds of wives and parents have received unthinkably bad news from some 8,000 miles away. But this week, as a moment of peace and quiet marks life in Fallujah, the roles have reversed. A battalion of Camp Pendleton Marines in Fallujah now bears the burden of worrying about family back home, loved ones fleeing the wildfires that ravage San Diego County and parts of the huge marine base there.

"You leave home and it's safer here [in Fallujah] than it is at home"- remarks a soldier sensing the irony of the situation… Having to fight a never ending war for apparently no reason and not being able to be around when your own house is on fire…

Sad indeed…

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