Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trumping schmoozers

Last night I swore I’ll never go for another social do. I would prefer a one-on-one anyday.

Pseudo networkers chased everything in flesh. People with a cocktail in one hand sloshing through the ball room, passing out business cards in gay abandon. Was that networking or carpet bombing to snare future clients? To me, it smacked of cheap, predatory behavior.

At one point, I had a handful of business cards that I could no longer hold. I stepped out, sifted out a few I found interesting and trashed the rest. A guy saw me doing that and I was glad he did. At least someone got the message.

Few minutes later, this chap walked across to me and said – “yeah, I liked what you did. People should know how to connect”. But before I could react, he said “ By the way, I am Rahul and I work for….. Here’s my card…May I have yours?”

That’s when I made up my mind. Never….never again !



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