Thursday, July 12, 2007

Zero summing outsourcing

And don't pack my suitcase, I'll be back
And don't take my pictures off your wall
Oh, did you hear me?

Even as PHIL COLLINS was crooning in, I was looking outside the window. A young boy was sitting under a coconut palm barely aware of the risk to his life from the bunch on top. Wanted to tell him a guy called Issac Newton has patented gravity sitting under a much safer tree. Wasn’t too sure IP mattered to this one…
The rain had stopped and felt like a walk. Picked up a newspaper on my way and the headline screamed "Reverse outsourcing." Oh, really ? That seemed quite funny. Reading about that in India - arguably the world’s outsourcing hub, seemed a bit ironic. Naturally we expect the tide to turn too...
Know one thing for sure. I won't be rankled like those anti-outsourcing crusaders... I just imagined a wide grinning Lou Dobbs ...
"Thanks a million, Lou.... for giving me an idea for my own local show, some day..."

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