Thursday, April 10, 2008

Southwest shouldn't lose lovemarks

Reports NYT. Five Southwest Airlines planes grounded last month because they had not been properly inspected had precisely the kind of cracks that the inspection order was intended to detect.....

Cracks? in airplanes? Yeah, that’s right. Cracks it is!

I am sure Southwest Airlines has worked hard to earn as many fans. Fellow blogger Vinnie Mirchandani, I remember often goes ballistic about them, to the extent of invoking the Bard. I quote from one of his Lovemarks-

“The other airlines can keep saying things ...ideally they should just match Southwest's operational model. Not difficult to match ...just fairly priced, on-time, safe, cheerful.
A thing of efficiency like that is a joy every time. And allows you to save for the other things of joy - the BMWs and the Four Seasons.”

Airline efficiency – isn’t safety the first hurdle? I want all travelers, not just loyal passengers like Vinnie to be cheerful for a loooooong time…. Airlines shouldn’t let them slip through its many cracks!

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Blogger vinnie said...

of course the cracks are concerning,but you posted on a day when American is almost completely shut down, and in a fortnight when 2 major US airlines went kaput. In the face of that with SW still making money and with only minor disruption to its schedules deserves to be applauded...our aviation is in melt-down and sorry on another day you may have got me to criticize SW but not today, even though they were late on my flight by 2hours today...

9:16 PM  

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