Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A twenty something for President...?

Who could be a President with experience? Hillary claims she has experience. But she has never been President before. Hell, does it really matter? Scott `Dilbert’ Adams engages a lively debate. Scott says experience is useful only in select fields – say, while undergoing a by-pass surgery, it’s vital to go with a surgeon that has held a scalpel before.

Then I read Ben Casnocha tips his hat to Jeff Nolan and poses a query – Is there a negative correlation between experience and success?

I wanted to disagree without denying the role of youthful derring-do in crafting many a success stories – especially in the world of IT startups. I suggest a peep into the Nobel hall of fame where seniors score. But before I could delve any further, I spotted this fantastic comment by Paul Freet under Jeff Nolan’s post here. I quote –
Jeff, I think I know the fallacy of this argument. Young entrepreneurs, who have little experience, shoot for the moon. The vast majority of those efforts fail spectacularly. But, statistics demand that a few, slip through the cracks and succeed in a big way. Seasoned entrepreneurs, with their experience, make safer bets, and have a much higher success rate, but do not create world-changing products. It is he naiveté of youth that does change the world. We just don’t hear about the hordes of abject failures that accompany the few that make a difference.”
I couldn’t have put it better. Thank you, Paul.

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